Joe DeLoach

Olympian | Motivational Speaker | Success Coach

“Belief is confidence in something that ultimately leads to commitment”

“Winning is conceived at the moment in time that you believe that you can win!”

“Nothing in life happens by accident, success is the fruit of our deliberate and purposeful commitment to our goals”

“You can achieve twice as much with a strong commitment than with talent alone.”

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Joe DeLoach was born in the small town of Bay City Texas into a family with 11 sisters and one brother where he enjoyed running at a very young age. After winning several state and national championships in high school, DeLoach accepted a track scholarship and attended the University of Houston where he trained with Carl Lewis.

At the Olympic Games in Seoul South Korea, Carl Lewis was the overwhelming favorite. In the 200-meter final, Lewis seemed to be heading for the title three-quarters of the way down the backstretch but DeLoach caught Lewis finishing ahead of him by four-hundredths of a second in the Olympic, American, and  Collegiate record time of 19.75 seconds. DeLoach remains the only athlete to have ever defeated Carl Lewis in an individual Olympic final event.
DeLoach has degrees in Information Technology, Theological Studies, and an MBA. He is currently a self-employed entrepreneur and lives in Pearland Texas with his wife of 30 years Melony DeLoach.

DeLoach also founded the USA Stars Youth track club where he trains and motivates young athletes to utilize their athletic abilities as a launching pad to success in life. DeLoach is a much sought-after motivational speaker, trainer, and success coach.