The Outdoor Exploration Program features monthly outdoor exploration activities for youth ages 10-17. This includes camping, hiking, fishing, horsemanship training and exploring historical sites. This program is sponsored by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Buffalo Soldier National Museum Programs

BSNM offers a wide variety of ongoing events and activities. Our programs are open to the public throughout the year and feature learning workshops and family-friendly activities designed to inform, educate, and entertain.

Youth & Adults

Paint Your History

History painting party, led by an Artist. Occasional live model of a Soldier, or artifact from our collection. Intended audiences will vary but youth 11-17, Adults 21 and older, veterans and seniors

Youth & Adults

Mindfulness & Meditation

Part of our mental health matters initiative, these sessions will focus on the mind, spirit and wholeness.

Seniors & Veterans

Fit To Serve

This program is designed to get seniors and vets moving and active. We intend to create a holistic approach to wellness by working with community partners to provide classes and workshops to our audience.

  • STEM/STEAM: As the transition continues from STEM to STEAM, we are dedicated to provide. STEAM allows students to connect their learning in science technology engineering and mathematics together with art practices, elements, design principles and standards to provide the whole pallet of learning.

  • Youth Diorama A model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures, either in miniature or as a large-scale museum exhibit. A diorama is often used as a learning tool to help show a student’s understanding of a certain subject matter. Extension of the STEAM initiative.

  • Docent Training Volunteer training program led by 9th and 10th to general public who are interested in assisting us with guided tours.
  • Military Inspired Art In an effort to pay homage to that bravery, heroism, and artistry, MIA will create an atmosphere where veterans, active duty men, and women can showcase their talents off the battlefield along with other modern and contemporary artists who may have been influenced by the military.
  • Museum After Dark MAD Initiative to attract a younger audience by offering reverse museum hours once a month. The goal is to create general interest, develop a young leaders circle, raise money via the bar and promote the fact that we are more than a museum.
  • Group Tours

  • Historical Re-Enactments



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The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum is proud to present these very talented, informative actors and the experiences that they take their audience on. Taking them down the paths of Harriet Tubman and authentic Buffalo Soldiers, they are able to capture the viewer’s attention with their expert storytelling skills. Make a reservation for one of our reenactors today, 713-942-8920 and ask for the Membership and Tours for more information.



Wayne performs A Soldier’s Story, a reenactment of the story of a Buffalo Soldier. He has been a mainstay in the Houston Theater scene for more than 25 years. Mr. DeHart’s career spans more than 100 stage productions. He has appeared in such films as “Robocop 2,” “A Perfect World,” and “Looper,” and such television programs as “Walker, Texas Ranger,” “Prison Break” and “Breaking Bad.”



“The Resurrection of Harriet Tubman in Escape to Freedom” is a historical account that teaches of the life and times of Mrs. Harriet Ross Tubman-Davis during the 1800s when she helped to free hundreds of slaves from the South. She also served as a “spy”, cook and nurse, for the Union Army during the Civil War, where she is known as the only female to have lead men into battle. You will be amazed as this historical re-enactor takes you back in time to make sense of today’s issues and her accomplishments. Listed with the Texas Commission on the Arts-Artists Roster, she is available for any occasion and performs as other “women in history”, such as Mrs. Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, Ms. Lavinia Bell of Galveston, TX, Cathay Williams, Buffalo Soldier Female, Fannie Lou Hamer, Bessie Coleman-Aviatrix and others.



James is a writer, director-actor and educator. He often performs “The Life of a Buffalo Soldier” for the museum’s patrons. His desire is to produce, create and present positive imagery of the Black experience in the U.S. He is working on a screenplay about the Tenth Cavalry (Post Civil War).




  • Ready and Forward: ASAP (Armed Services Art Partnership) – Jan. 28th {Ticket}

  • Story Time: The ABCs of Black History. – Feb. 10 {Ticket}
  • A Sunday to Remember – A 2 man play set during the civil rights era. – Feb 13 at 1:00pm {Ticket}
  • Ready & Forward Resources: Business Cents – the basics of starting a small business. – Feb 13 at 1:00pm {Ticket}
  • Paint Your History: My Mask: My Story. – Feb 20 at 11:00am {Ticket}